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Thursday, July 12, 2007

NZ Pubcast - Session 24 - The Wunderbar

An inebriated G'day to you all from Christchurch's blow in piss heads as they gather once again to talk shit in a very hard to follow manner...

Coming to you from The Wunderbar in Lyttleton, Shifty Dodge and special Canadian guest, Andrew (the canadian) chew the fat on settling into life in New Zealand - and Christchurch specifically - why you should be careful buying a car and why new arrivals think alot about things they wouldn't normally think about - like heating...

NZ makes the The most prosperous country's in the world list - we give you the run down on who's rich and poor...

And we round things off talking about why lots of Kiwi think their flag is rubbish and want to replace it with something else... (Shock, horror)

Music this time is provided by the Strokes (Intro) and Goodshirt (outro)

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  • You Canadians are very polite aren't you not an expletive to be heard?

    I like the idea of a 'tink tank' Dodge. . .sounds slightly lavatorial but very cute

    And we're not running out of water, we're importing too many people. We just tipped 21,000,000
    If we sent half the Bondi population back to NZ from whence they came . . . we'd have a shit load!

    What's wrong with having a flag like the Aussie flag. I thought annexation of New Zealand was on the Agenda . . . and Shifty a DINK is Double Income No Kids in my book. (I confess, I have a Koala on my backpack . . .it separates me from Americans and Brits . . .)

    As usual it's never long enough, never profane enough and not enough mention of Rusty Poo. C'mon boys, you can fill a lunch 'hour' surely.

    By Blogger Baino, at 9:31 PM  

  • Well we would do an hour show - but we're far too lazy... not that I have to tell you that:)

    Plus I stop making any sense after 8 beers...

    We tend to drink really fast while we record these things...

    We might try to do an hour long session for the 50th Session - though that'll be a little while off:)

    Thanks for your kind words:)

    By Anonymous Johnny Dodge, at 6:02 PM  

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