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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

NZ Pubcast - Session 19 - Boobs on bikes, 1.5km Bungy Jumps and where not to score in NZ

The Pubcast gets right back to it its roots this week - coming from good 'ol Pomeroys in Christchurch, where it all began... the Mick and the Canuck get together with another Canuck blow in to discuss how great it was being flashed by strippers in the street earlier in the day (above)

Other topics of banter that flow from our beer engulfed mouths include: The Best and Worst places in NZ to meet that special someone... AJ Hackett, Kiwi God of bungy jumping wants to break more records, Why NZ is worth coming back to (even if you've already moved home) and we shed some light on New Zealand's real contribution to the war on terror...

Thanks to Gigantor for joining us in the pub - Our Intro was "Promiscuity" as sung by the brilliant Manu Chao - and outro track "I and I" was provided by Kiwi 'Backyard' BBQ Reggae band Katchafire. The video that was mentioned on the session is also on its way - all good things...!

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