New Zealand Pubcast

Thursday, November 23, 2006

NZ Pubcast - Session 13 - Crazy Drunken Make up girls, Noisy water features and smacking children

A big How'r'ya Going there Pubcast Fans - a summer is almost here Pubcast from outside our fav pub in Christchurch where despite Shifty being molested by a wanton make up girl, we manage to pump out another weird and wonderful session for you to drink down while chomping on a packet of peanuts...

The NZ Government is attempting to stop us from hitting our kids with weapons, we discuss the strangeness that is Pitcarn Island - The Bounty can be checked out here - Peter Jackson is not making the Hobbit and Il Diablo gets invited to NZ...

Music comes from the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the NZ born and bred Steriogram

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