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Monday, October 16, 2006

NZ Pubcast - Session 11 - Johnny's obsessed with setting the scene

Greetings Pubcast fans - once again, the boys have stumbled out of a Christchurch Pub, shoving another pubcast session into the arsehole of the internet...

Taking a much needed rest from US politics - Dodge, Shifty Rob and special Kiwi guest Cynical Bastard, get back to NZ Pubcast basics - discussing the trials and tribulations of moving to a foreign country - namely New Zealand...

Nothing good is ever easy and we tell you why... How moving here will change your life, and not in a bad way - how to work out IF you can move here... and how to get in touch with us if you do...

The sound quality is awful this session - even for us - so apologies for that - Sometimes Johnny Dodge just can't not speak into his glass... we're working out a way to sort this on-going problem for good...

Music this week was Trankilou and Kiwi tune of the week was provided by 80's throwback Greg Johnson

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  • G'day boys . . Crikey mateys no need to slag the strine. She's a bottler. Fair suck of the sav! Our immigrant screening is ace. We sink their ships, process them offshore, give em a temporary visa then beat them up on Cronulla beach before letting them pick fruit for $4 an hour . . talk about a fair go.

    By Blogger Baino's Banter, at 6:59 PM  

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