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Sunday, September 24, 2006

NZ Pubcast - Session 8 - Chavez, fat tax and the popularity of our American cousins

Greetings loyal listeners... the newest, unedited, half assed Pubcast is available for download below... in which we:

Talk about Hugo Chavez's recent comments at the UN where he mirrored Johnny Dodge's comments last week... Also: we discuss the idea that Irish People can't stand their American cousins...

And we dissect the New Zealand governments new attempts to fight obesity...

Shifty Rob weighs in with his usual objectivity... and special guest Mick the Punk throws in his views on this super speed way of topical dicussion...

Music this week is from Christchurch band The Feelers

Some other stuff that Mick the Punk mentioned: That Irish Documentry he mentioned was 'Chavez - Inside the Coup' - and the book that is worth $500 to your mind is available here.

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