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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pubcasters have a re-think

Myself and Shify Rob got together in Pomeroys last night and recorded the next pubcast - but what can I say - the results were pretty shit - even by our own shitty standards. We put this down to a number of factors - much too numerious and boring to go into here - but if we're to get any kind of audience at all for this bold social experiment, its not going to happen by posting a big lump of crap up here every week...


We went back to the drawing board and rattled our brains - in a matter of seconds, we had completely re-structured and re-invented the format - we'll still be in a pub (that was never our problem goddammit) but we'll actually have something interesting to talk to you about - as opposed to rambling on like two tossers in a pub - which as amazing as that is, just doesn't cut the internet mustard.

So stay tuned for the new and amazing NZPUBCAST! (probably next week sometime)


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